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The color of your skin is fetched from the pigment known as melanin. However, when certain internal and external elements affect the creation of melanin, you get discoloration of skin or dark spots over the face. Besides the dark spots, skin issues like acne scars, freckles and age spots also spoil your overall look. In fact, there are some cosmetic approaches (like bleaching) which are used for remedying these ailments but opting for the natural nutritional remedies like black seed oil is always safer.

People these days come across several products that help them in the skin brightening but going for the natural product like black seed oil is always the best option. Black seed oil for skin brightening has enormous nourishing advantages. Now you don’t have to purchase the costly cosmetic creams with numerous side effects as black seed oil possesses no side effects than any other treatment since it’s a natural oil.

Besides the cosmetic benefits, it also aids in curing the different health and skin ailments such as white heads, wrinkles, dry skin, eczema and ringworm. The oil provides lots of beauty perks to the women in a natural way.
In the below article, we will present you with some useful information about the black seed oil for skin brightening and how you can use it.

*Useful Nutrients in Black Seed Oil for Skin*

❇️ *B-Vitamins*
It provides the fresher looking skin by increasing the production of fatty acids and ceramides. The hydration inside the skin gets boosted which reduces swelling as well.

❇️ *Omega 3 acids*
It helps in moisturizing, hydration and lubrication of the skin. Your skin becomes more soft, supple and smooth. It also heals the chapped and parched skin.

❇️ *Zinc*
It benefits in fighting against the acne. It cures the small skin’s infections and irritations. You also get rid of flaky and dry itchy skin.

❇️ *Vitamin C*
You get protection against the sun with this nutrient. It increases the collagen blend, reduces the dark spots, improves the skin texture and delays the wrinkles and fine lines.

❇️ *Potassium*
It makes your skin moisturized and hydrated.

❇️ *Calcium*
Calcium possesses the anti-aging benefits for skin and also provides the anti-oxidant shield from sun’s ultraviolet ray’s damage.

*Best Ways to Use the Black Seed Oil for Skin Brightening*

Black seed oil does not provide you with immediate results for skin Brightening, Its natural ingredients gradually infiltrate deep inside your skin and reinstates its regular functioning. You might use this oil before washing your face while going to bed in the night time. However, some beauty professionals recommend that if you blend the oil with some other intrinsic ingredients then, you get more effective results. Let’s see how!

1. *Black Seed Oil with Honey*

Honey is known for its healing and humectant properties. So, when you mix it with the black seed oil and prepare a face mask, it sets out to be an excellent combination for the skin. You can feel its long-lasting effect quickly. You have to follow the underneath simple steps for making this face mask:

▪️Take black seed oil in the bowl and heat it.

▪️Add raw honey to it and spread it uniformly on your entire face.

▪️Leave the mask for drying for around twenty minutes and then wash it off.

However, if you don’t want to apply this to your skin then, merely consume this mixture daily for fetching skin benefits.

2. *Black seed oil with Black Cumin Seeds and ACV (apple cider vinegar)*

Directly apply a few drops of ACV to warts or the acne lesion for healing. But along with the black seed oil, you have to heat the black seed oil and the cumin seeds together and mix it with ACV and apply this mixture on your face.

3. *Black Seed Oil and Sesame Oil*

Sesame oil has Vitamin E which works like a sunscreen. It also has an antioxidant property which decreases the fine lines and wrinkles. You need to follow the below easy steps for making this face mask:

▪️Mix the black seed oil and sesame oil in equal quantities.

▪️Before applying this mask on face, clean it with water for eradicating unwanted impurities.

▪️Pat your face dry and apply the mixture on the face and let it dry.

▪️Wash your face when pack dries out completely.

4. *Black Seed Oil and lemon juice*

Lemon juice is known for an acidic and bleaching property. Take some drops of lemon juice and mix it in the black seed oil. Now, massage it on your face. After 12-18 minutes, wash it off.

*Benefits of the Black Seed Oil for Skin Brightening*

☀️ Inhibits the production of melanin that eventually helps in getting glowing skin.

☀️ Fades dark spots and pimple scars.

☀️ Prevents the production of free radicals which destroy cell membrane.

☀️Stimulates cell restoration.

☀️ Increases collagen production in the skin.

☀️ Hydrates the skin and shields it from toxic impurities to prevent acne.

*Additional tips for beautiful skin*

✅ Black seed oil is a fantastic natural remedy for skin lightening, but without changing your way of life and diet, you can’t fetch all its benefits. In fact, you should not consume alcohol and stop smoking.

✅ Do not apply cosmetic creams comprising of harmful chemicals.

✅ Increase intake of water and do regular workout along with the ingestion of a vitamin-rich diet.

✅ Other skin brightening oils include Carrot, Lemon, Papaya, Red palm oil, Lavender, Turmeric, chamomile and rose oils. These can be added to the Blackseed oil for better results.

✅ On the other hand, oils such as Olive, almond, Coconut, Shea butter,Cocoa butter and argan should be avoided if you what a brighter skin as these may darken your skin more.

We hope that after reading the above article, you will be inspired to stop using harmful skin bleaching chemical creams and soaps and embrace what nature has to offer without side effects.


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